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Our underlying foundations are immovably installed in the dynamic and deliberately critical markets in which we contribute, giving us a broad system of the business  driving developing business sector speculation experts traversing the globe. Some portion of our prosperity has been driven by our broad on-the-ground, investigate driven abilities fixated on major rising economies.

At Stock-supervision we look for organizations with particular characteristics ­–, for example, a directing piece of the overall industry, similar points of interest to contenders, a separated plan of action and large amounts of straightforwardness and corporate administration. We trust that the organizations that display these characteristics will support their intensity and give ceaseless and stable profit development. It is our long-held conviction that offer costs will, after some time, meet with profit development and the resulting income.

As developing business sector specialists with a worldwide point of view, we seek after perfection in venture administration to enable our customers to accomplish their long term objectives.

At Stock-supervision our decision-making is guided by our four core values: Customer First, Objectivity, Collaboration and Pay-back.

What We Do


An exclusive product designed for traders who do not have time for trading. We manage portfolio using calculated risk to maximize returns in your portfolio in your own account.


Purely Swing trading based positions with high momentum stocks picks for quick returns, in NSE Cash Segment.


Trade recommendations in stock and index F&O segments, with positional and intraday targets depending on the client’s risk appetite.


A very low risk segment designed for all type of traders, both small capital and HNI, Ultra-HNI Traders.


We provide Commodity services in Energy(Crude/NG), Bullion, and Base Metals. Client can trade in both Mini or Mega lots, according to their risk appetite.


Special separate service for HNI people with live 24×7 guidance.